How to Train My Dog Not to Jump

How to Stop Your Puppy From Jumping Up


How do you stop your little puppy from jumping up on you? Although this is a very cute behavior and you may think that it is nothing to worry about; jumping up on people could lead to more annoying behavior especially when your dog grows in size and weight. What if your dog jumps on your child or a baby? What if your dog jumps on you as you are carrying things?


Natural Behavior

Puppies are driven by a natural behavior to jump up to their mothers in an effort to get attention. In the wild, they use this behavior to be able to lick their mother’s face to make her regurgitate food for them to eat. It may be a natural behavior but is an unacceptable behavior in domesticated dogs. It should be dealt with as soon as you notice that your puppy is doing it time and again.


How To Deal With Jumping

Remember that you need to deal with this behavior soon. Your puppy won’t be too little for too long and therefore correcting this now will help him become a more obedient and good pet for your family.


  1. The most important part of training your puppy is simply ignoring the behavior. The moment he jumps on you, simply turn away and ignore. He will eventually learn that this is an unacceptable behavior and you are not buying it. Tell your family and friends to do the same.


Wait till your puppy calms down and then come back to him. If he jumps again, ignore him once more. if he does not stop this behavior, place him in a room or in an isolated place. This will teach him that his behavior is really unacceptable and he must stop.


  1. If your puppy is jumping as he is connected on a leash, gently pull the leash to set him down. Hold the leash this way until he relaxes. You can do this exercise when you are out on a walk so that he would learn that he also has to stop jumping even outdoors.


  1. When your puppy starts mouthing you, stop the behavior by immediately isolating him in another room or place him inside his crate. As soon as he calms down, you can remove him from his crate or from the room.



  1. Before a walk, make sure that your pup is calm and submissive. He has to learn that he needs to calm down and put off unacceptable behavior so he could have fun outside. Ignore his jumping and simply stand on the door and wait for him to calm down.


As soon as he sits and calms down, you may attach the leash and then open the door. Teach him to wait for your command. This will help him become a more obedient and calm dog.


  1. Don’t speak, stay calm and be patient. Your little pup will naturally do this behavior insistently and it is your job as the pack leader to help him kick the habit.


  1. Practice the command, “sit”, so that he could learn early on that sit means he has to calm down and to stop his jumping behavior.


Be sure to be consistent in your training and to tell your family and visitors to do the same. Aside from being consistent, body movements also play a huge role. As you ignore your puppy or place him in time out, fold your arms and walk past him to show displeasure. Do not make any eye contact since doing so will only make your puppy want to come over and seek your attention.