How To Toilet Train An Old Dog

Dealing With an Older Dog Toileting Inside Your Home


A young puppy toileting inside may be acceptable behavior during the first few weeks since he may not yet know where to do toilet yet. However a much older dog that has been toilet trained that poops inside your home is another thing. How do you deal with a dog that does this unacceptable behavior inside your home?


A Natural Response


Let’s look at this behavior from a different angle. Dogs are related to wolves that use their urine and feces to mark territories and to lead their respective packs home.


Female dogs use their feces to help their puppies find the path home. Therefore this could be a natural behavior for dogs but nevertheless something that is unacceptable in a domesticated animal. You should therefore do your best as the pack leader to change this behavior in your dog.


There Are Many Reasons Why An Adult Dog Behaves This Way


  • Separation anxiety could make your dog toilet anywhere. If this is your first time to leave your dog alone then you must assert your leadership and instill confidence in him before you leave him alone.
  • A new environment such as a new house or a new pet could also make him want to mark his territory. He may also feel confused as to where he needs to move his bowels. You must then re-initiate training and show your dog his new place outside.
  • a medical condition could also be the cause of this unacceptable behavior and therefore you must seek the help of your vet. It is very unusual for a well-trained dog to move his bowels inside. You should never overlook that he might be having medical issues too.


Re-Training Your Dog


Reinstall your position as a pack leader and take charge. You should re-train your dog and show him that this is not a good behavior at all.


  1. Start by arranging his bed and his food and water bowls near the back door. He has to have easy access to the back where the grass, fresh air and a reward is waiting for him when he does his business.
  2. Show him the basics. As soon as he wakes up, open the door or the doggy door to let him out. Wait for him to toilet in the grass or in any designated area. As soon as he does his business, give him a reward or pat him plus give a lot of praises. This is crucial re-training period so never play or do anything during this time. He has to learn that this is the time to do his business and nothing more. He also has to associate the reward to toileting outside.
  3. As soon as he is finished with food, take him out and show him his place. Again reward him for good behavior. Your older dog may not be able to catch on soon enough so be sure to take time training him. Be consistent in your training and be sure to talk about your concerns with your family so they can all join in.
  4. Train your dog as soon as you realize that there is something wrong with his toileting. Do not waste time re-training your dog to learn how to poop where he needs to.


An older dog that toilets inside your home is something that should be taken care of immediately. The sooner you correct this behavior the sooner that you can get rid of it. You will have a better relationship with your dog and will be able to train him to do more stuff when you do.