How to Stop Your Dog From Pulling


Have you ever walked your dog on the street and ending up being pulled by him? Have you tried all the devices and gadgets just to keep your dog from pulling on his leash to no avail? Pulling is a behavior that stems not just from lack of discipline and agitation but it also reflects how your dog perceives you.


The minute your dog tries to pull on his leash and directs you to wherever he wants to go, this means that he does not see you as the leader. The pack leader is the one leading the pack of dogs. He assumes full responsibility and trains his dogs on how to respond to different situations as well. A pack leader will be able to confidently steer his dog in an out any establishment with him leading the way and to take his dog on a quiet walk no matter where they are.


Dogs have a natural instinct to follow their leader and therefore you have to channel from this natural instinct. You need to assert your position and this will ultimately end all challenging behaviors such as pulling, barking, jumping and escaping while you and your dog are on the walk.


Here Are A Few Strategies To Keep In Mind:


  1. Training starts at home. Even before you get out of your front door or gate, wait till your dog is calm and submissive. You can tell that your dog is very excited when he jumps, barks, scratches on the door and so on. Wait till he sits calms down and stops barking before you even attach his leash.


This stage takes a longer time to complete but patience and consistency is the key. Once your dog has mastered how to be calm and submissive before your walk then you can proceed with the following.


  1. Pack leader first. Teach your dog to wait and let you pass the doorway first before he is allowed to pass. The leader naturally walks before the pack to check for danger and to show that everything is OK. This could also take time so be sure to repeat this exercise until he gets it.


  1. Practice moving in and out of obstacles. You can start walking your dog inside your home or property. The moment he pulls on you, gently tug on his leash and move him the other way which reverses the lead automatically. Your dog will eventually realize that his pulling behavior will be corrected ASAP.



  1. When your dog drags you backward, stop and wait for him to calm down. When he is calm, resume the walk by calling him. Keep doing this even as you walk outside.


  1. When your dog pulls outside your property, stop the walk and wait. Order him to sit and stop. You can resume the walk when he is calm. Your dog will eventually learn that this is unacceptable behavior and that his favorite walk is being interrupted. He will learn to follow you after a few attempts.


  1. Your posture counts. A determined and confident pack leader will pick up the pace. You should be relaxed, shoulders down and arm straight from the elbow. You dog can detect any slight changes in your emotion and would naturally channel any anxiety as he can also detect that calm demeanor from you. When you are calm, he will also be calm as well and will likely follow you quietly at the back.


Your dog naturally works with a confident pack leader and that is you. you can easily ward off any kind of unacceptable behavior when you show your dog who the leader is.