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The Ultimate Doggy Dan “The Online Dog Trainer” Course Review – Wading Past the Hype to Find Out the Truth

Hi and welcome to the official review website of Doggy Dan, “The Online Dog Trainer. If you own a dog that has not been trained properly, then you might dread taking your furry friend with you when you leave your home. You might even dread it when people to come to your house because you fear how your dog will act while they are there.

Every dog owner in the world wishes that they could easily train their animals to do the things they need them to do. You want your dog to be able to use the restroom outdoors, to sit when they are told, stay when they are told, and to remain calm when they are told.

The trouble is that most dog training courses are expensive, and you have to either take your pet to the trainer, or leave them there for a long period of time, or you have to repeatedly take them back to the trainer for daily sessions.

You are not alone. There are millions of dog owners worldwide who have the same experience, and many of them are frustrated and desperate to find the REAL solution.


In your search for the best solution, I bet you have heard of Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course and read other Doggy Dan reviews. If you haven’t yet, then you have come to the right place.

In this in-depth Doggy Dan review, we will take a really close look at this dog training course, wade beyond the hype, and take apart all its aspects to find out if it is indeed as good as they say.


First of All, An Overview

Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course is a highly popular dog training program which is endorsed by the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or SCPA.

The step-by-step online dog training system includes more than 250 training videos, with new videos being added by the author and other members every week. The videos provide an in-depth view about every single known dog behavioral problem; so no matter what breed your dog is and how problematic his behavior is, you are sure to find a solution in Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course.

The author smartly compartmentalized the whole program into four sections:


1. Becoming the Leader of the Pack

In this section, you will learn how to establish yourself as the pack leader, someone whom your puppies or dogs will listen to. This part of the program will show you the basic rules and methods that you can follow to change the way your dog reacts to you, all within minutes!

After the very first section, you will have a good understanding of basic dog psychology which will help you to properly feed them and how to control their bodies and minds.


2. Train Your Puppy to be an Ideal Canine Companion

In this section, you will learn how to train your puppies/dogs and WHEN to train them. The instructions are very detailed and will cover topics such as how to train your dogs to stop pooping in the house (in just 2 days), how to stop them from chewing anything or jumping on people, and how to teach your dog to walk without being leashed.

This section will also guide you how to teach your children all the things that you learned from the Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course so far. This means that Doggy Dan’s techniques can be learned by just about anyone.


3. Solving Problematic Behaviors

At the onset of owning a dog, you should immediately pay attention to your pet’s behavior. This is the section wherein specific problematic behaviors are pinpointed and solved. Issues such excessive barking, going to the bathroom in the wrong places and aggressive behavior will be addressed here. But not only that; you will also learn WHY dogs behave like they do, and HOW they should be trained.


4. Understanding Your Canine Best Friend Through and Through

Training your dog is not just about teaching him/her how to sit, stay and stand. It is more about maintaining a peaceful, loving and meaningful relationship with them. By the time you get to this section, you will have noticed a huge difference in how your dog interacts with you and with other people. You will see that they have become friendlier and behave so much better. Also, in this section you will learn how to train and reward your dog the right way.

With Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” program, you will find out that it’s very easy to have your dream dog.

The videos and other instructional materials included in Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course addresses every conceivable situation that any dog owner might face, such as:

• How to stop your dog from running away
• How to eliminate separation anxiety from puppies and even older dogs
• How to train your dog to stop begging for food
• Proper leash training for puppies and older dogs
• How to stop your dog from chewing for good
• How to train them NOT to jump on your furniture
• And many, many others

The videos feature Doggy Dan in real life situations as he trains different breeds of dogs with their owners. All the training methods are gentle and do not resort to punishment, yelling, harsh words, fear and the use of electric shock collars. With the Doggy Dan’s online dog training program, you are able to build a strong, loving and meaningful relationship with your canine companion.


But Who is Doggy Dan, Really?

doggy dan official review website

Doggy Dan is the creator of the Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course that promises to change all of those negative aspects of owning a dog.

His real name is Daniel Abdelnoor and he is from Auckland, New Zealand. He is not just a simple dog and puppy trainer; he is a well-known dog behaviorist who has undertaken basic and advanced Canine Behavior and Psychology education, as well as courses on Advanced Aggression from the Canine Behavior Centre in Cumbria, UK.

Daniel is also a highly acclaimed author, a multi-media personality, a celebrity dog trainer and a staunch animal rights activist.

Aside from being THE online dog trainer, Doggy Dan is also an active APDT or Association of Pet Dog Trainers member, and has been in the industry for almost a decade. He has trained thousands of puppies and dogs in one-on-one training as well as in packs.

His knowledge, expertise and skill in being THE “Dog Listener” urged him to share his gift to dog owners from all over the world, by developing a comprehensive dog training program online.

With more than 250 videos covering EVERYTHING concerning dog training and behavior, Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course may just be the best option available to dog owners who are having problems with their dogs.


What Is Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” Course?

doggy dan online dog trainer

Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course is a uniquely developed video training system that teaches dog owners different effective techniques and methods to train their dogs and correct their behavior. In almost all reviews on Doggy Dan that you find online, you will see that the testimonials are overwhelmingly positive.

Doggy Dan poured his years of immense passion and extensive experience on working one-on-one with different breeds of dogs and changing their relationships with their owners.

The system is unique because it lets you work hand-in-hand with a professional “dog listener” as if you are watching over his shoulder as he guides other real-life dog owners through their problems with their pets. And yes, you can do all that in the comfort of your home.

The course is comprehensive and you will be walked through every single step so you can easily learn the tips and tricks. And to really assist your learning, you can easily rewind the videos if and when you need to.

Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course is approved and being actively promoted by the Royal New Zealand SPCA as an excellent tool that will help dog owners successfully train their dogs.


Why videos anyway, and what makes Doggy Dan’s dog training unique?


First of all, it is a fact that there are hundreds of websites presenting different dog training methods. And a lot of the information that you find on these websites are often extracted and compiled into eBooks.

But let’s face it, no matter how comprehensive an eBook can be, the information there cannot beat the real-life experiences, challenges, and solutions that you see in Doggy Dan’s videos.

And if you were anything like me and many others, we just don’t have the time to read long guides anymore. Some of us would even fall asleep right in the middle of it – and forget what we have read in a few days. Tedious, isn’t it?

With Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” video system, you can watch the videos anytime you want, rewind to the parts where you need to learn more, and enjoy doing it!

The videos are detailed and concise, showing the way the dogs were behaving before they were trained. You get to select what behavior problems your animal has, and what methods will work best for your pet. So you get a custom developed training course that will meet the needs and the behaviors of your dog.


In the video clips you will watch Doggy Dan work with dog owners to train them with every conceivable behavioral issue. He covers hard-to-train dogs, the training of puppies, the training of older dogs, and the ways to train those with stubborn natures.

The videos show the dogs in their natural environments behaving the way they do when no one is watching. You can also see Dan observing the animals and the way they behave so that he can ascertain the best way to train them to alter their behavior.

Then he speaks with the owners of the animals and he details exactly what he thinks the dog needs in order to change their behavior.

There are also videos that show him walking the dog owners through the steps it will take to train their animals to change their behavior. He deals with biting dogs, dogs that bark all of the time, dogs that hide, dogs that growl, and dogs that cannot settle down.

No matter what behavior issues your dog has, you will find a video that you can relate to and you will find a method of helping your dog to learn to change their behavior.

Most dog training courses spend a lot of time talking to you about the theories that they use to help train animals. They usually show you well-trained animals that follow every command they are given. They rarely show you a pooch that is terrorizing the couch and how they stopped him from doing that.

When you watch other dog training videos you end up feeling worse about your dog than when you started watching the video. You listen to the theory that the instructor tells you, and you try your best to implement the theory. But if the instructor did not show you how to implement the theory, then you are basically just trying to develop your own training technique.

This might work for some people, but for the majority of pet owners they need real answers, right away. They do not have the time to develop their own personalized training courses to teach their dogs to behave.


What to Expect

Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer

You will find that in the Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” system, some of the videos show you how to train individual animals. They prepare you to handle the different behaviors of the animals, and they also cover how to handle more than one dog that needs training. People who own multiple pets will finally be able to watch something that is designed to help them fix all of their animals and their behaviors.

Doggy Dan’s methods will help you see what characteristics each of your pets have and how to change those characteristics while working on the characteristics of the other animals in the house.

In some instances, the course teaches you how to use one dog to help you condition another dog in a behavior that they need to learn. Dogs learn well from other dogs. They watch each other and they adapt to what the other dog does. You simply have to know how to encourage your dog to emulate another dog that displays the appropriate behavior.


Unique Methods Used

Doggy Dan uses gentle and positive reinforcement to train the animals that he works with. There is no yelling, no spanking, and no aggression used on any of the video clips. The dogs taught in this course are instructed through kind, calm, gentle reminders of what they are supposed to do.

Dogs actually are very eager to please the humans in their life. These loving creatures want to make us happy and when you can show them something that will make you happy and do so in a loving manner, then you will successfully change that the behavior of your dog. At the same time, you will change your life for the better.

Imagine being able to take your dog for a walk and they would calmly stay by your side. They would not bark or tug at the leash. They would sit quietly and patiently wait for you to give them permission to move.

These videos include training methods that will allow you to have your animal behave just like that. You will learn how to teach your dog to do what you want them to do, and you will learn to teach them without showing them aggression.

All of the videos approach the animals and the training sessions in a calm manner. If you are not calm, then the animal will not be calm and the animal will be less likely to learn what you are trying to teach them.


New Puppy Advice

official online dog trainer program review

There are video segments in the course about his puppy Moses. Dan’s puppy Moses is half Border Collie and half Labrador Retriever. Dan got Moses when he was only eight weeks of age.

He took the time to video every minute of the training that he used with Moses so other people bringing home new puppies would have a clear-cut guideline to follow that would help them train their puppy correctly from the beginning.

The video segments of the “Moses project” include:

• What to do when you first bring home a new puppy
• How to introduce your new puppy to its new home and to your family
• What to do if the puppy cries at night
• How to train the puppy to sleep in a crate at night
• How to train the new puppy not to use the bathroom in your house
• What types of toys you should buy for your new puppy
• What types of toys you should not buy for a new puppy
• How to make your puppy feel secure when they are left alone
• Teaching the new puppy to obey simple commands
• Teaching the puppy to walk on a leash
• Teaching the puppy not to jump on people
• What foods you must not feed your puppy
• The importance of proper socialization with your new puppy
• How to decide if the puppy is trying to bite you or if they are mouthing you

As you go through the video clips of Moses being trained, you watch this animal evolve into a well-mannered dog that is skilled, playful, loving, and well-behaved. Moses develops into the exact type of dog with behaviors that most of us want our animals to display.

Not always mentioned in the online dog trainer reviews, it is worth noting that the Doggy Dan video clips of Moses will help any puppy owner to raise an animal that fits well into their home life. The step-by-step instructions, the visualization of exactly how Dan trained Moses, and the exact tones of voice that he used during trainee, are incredibly valuable.


Doggy Dan and Older Animals

doggy dan official review

Many of us have older dogs that either never learned to properly behave, or they suddenly stopped behaving properly. Doggy Dan shows us how to use the course to address issues we have with our older dogs.

Some of the common problems that we see with older dogs include:

• Sudden bouts of aggressive behavior
• Dogs jumping on people
• Dogs jumping on furniture
• Dogs being aggressive towards people
• Dogs displaying aggression towards other dogs
• Dogs who have separation anxiety
• Dogs who are afraid of loud noises
• Dogs who are hyperactive
• Dogs who bark for attention
• Dogs who do not come to their owner when they are called
• Dogs who nip at their owners

The list of topics goes on, and you can be sure that any issue you are having with your dog will be covered by one of the videos.


Bonus! Audio Downloads

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Review

Another unique feature of Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course is the availability of audio files that you can use if you want to take your dog training up a few notches.

You can listen to different training files while you are doing your chores, or while driving, or while exercising. The great thing about this feature is that each 30-minute audio clip discusses theories on a much deeper level and does not just tell you what to do but also explains why. So you, the dog owner, thoroughly understand why and how a method should be done.

While these audio downloads are optional, they are essential in teaching you the core theories that are discussed throughout the training videos in the course. The audio files are highly valuable resources that you can take advantage of if you would like to maximize your learning from Doggy Dan.


Online Resources and Constant Support from the Community


You will also find that the course comes with other resources that are valuable to dog owners.

There is an excellent discussion forum that is part of the online dog training package. This forum allows you to talk with other dog owners who have the same behavior issues with their pets. You can learn methods and techniques that work, and you can gain encouragement to continue trying even when it does not seem like your pooch is responding.

In the forum, you will speak to other dog owners and you will sometimes be speaking to Dan Abdelnoor, or Doggy Dan. Dan follows the forum and tries to help anyone who is having a difficult time with their pet. He gives his professional opinion, advice and encouragement to the people on the forum.

When you use this online dog training course you are never alone. Other courses have you read the ideas the trainer had and then leave you alone to try and make those ideas work. This online dog training course walks you through every step and even allows you to stay connected through discussions until you have your dog doing what you want them to do.

This instructional course will provide you with the tools and the training to make your pet into the best behaved animal on your block.


Who Can Benefit From the Online Dog Trainer Course?

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Review Official Review Website

Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course is a well-rounded dog training system that provides many benefits to:

• Dog Owners – yes, you can benefit greatly from this program designed for anyone who has dogs in their life.

• New Owners of Puppies – this system is a priceless resource for you as you get started with a new puppy in your life. With Doggy Dan’s dog training system, you won’t have to suffer the pain of cleaning the mess from lack of toilet training, or the headache of losing important items due to chewing accidents.

• Your family and your neighbors – as your dog is successfully trained, you will feel more confident that you, your family members and your neighbors will be safe from being upset or injured by an aggressive dog and avoid other problems such as excessive growling and barking.

• Your precious furry friend – Doggy Dan’s dog training course was masterfully designed to make sure that your dog is trained in the gentlest manner possible, without having to resort to electric shocks, hitting, spanking or yelling. The entire training course is meant to be fun, with the ultimate goal which is to make sure that your dog lives a relaxed, enjoyable and happy life with you.


Amazing Value For Such A Small Cost

Doggy Dan knows that his online training course works and he is so confident that it will work for you he is offering a FULL ACCESS, 3-DAY TRIAL for only $1.

If that’s not an excellent value, I don’t know what is!

In reality, this is a great way to try out the course before you buy it as you can get a real feel for the entire site, see every video and closely look at all the features for 3 full days – all for just a dollar. Although I am pretty sure that you will like what you see, if you do decide it’s not for you, you can cancel the subscription.

The fact that you can try the offer out and see the entire site, watch the videos and sample the training course before you fully commit demonstrates that Doggy Dan is serious about his online training course.

If you decide that the course is for you after the 3-day trial, you don’t have to do anything but just let your subscription run over to the $37 per month plan. You can cancel this at anytime.

Don’t be put off by the $37 monthly cost; it may seem expensive compared to other training courses out there. But with the Doggy Dan course, you get MUCH MORE than what you pay for..

While some of the other courses may be cheaper, they only cover simple training commands and do not really solve the root causes of bad behavior in your dog. To really train your dog into becoming an ideal companion, you can’t just tackle the symptoms. You have to go deeper than the symptoms and cure the root cause of the problem.

With other online dog training courses, you will have to pay more to go beyond the basics, so you will end up paying more in the long run.

With Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course, you will receive superb value that’s way more than the $37 fee and you won’t need any expensive upgrades along the way.

With Doggy Dan’s course, you really get to understand your dog. The detailed step by step videos provided by a professional dog trainer show you what to do and why you should do it.

The methods are gentle, allowing you to solve any of your dog’s behavioral problems without having to resort to violent punishments. And the best thing is, you know WHY your training worked.

You can’t compare Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course to any other dog training course offered right now, especially not with courses in eBook format. You learn faster with videos and audio files, and it’s fun to learn with the “Dog Listener”, too.

If you still think that $37 is expensive, remember that if you hire a professional dog trainer, you’ll have to pay anywhere between $40 and $100 every hour. So you’d end up paying up to $500 for 5 x one-hour dog training sessions.

Think about the benefits offered by “The Online Dog Trainer”. For only $37, you have full access to the videos and audio files and you can train your dog properly in the comfort of your own home.

Because of the level of detail Doggy Dan provides in every single training video on his site, plus the wide array of advantages offered, very few people decide to cancel after their 3-day for $1 trial period.

The website is always fresh with new information, videos and audio files, so the amount of knowledge and experience that you can gain from the site is virtually unlimited. Not only does Dan upload his valuable experiences to the site but other members also share their training experiences.

There are more than 10,000 dog lovers in Doggy Dan’s forum community, so you can reach out to other dog owners from all over the world if you have questions, or if you simply want to bond with like-minded people.

Doggy Dan is always on hand to respond to queries and is very active on his website, so you are never alone in your journey towards training your dog to become a better-behaving canine companion.


The Verdict

Doggy Dan’s “The Online Dog Trainer” course is a comprehensive, info-packed and easy-to-follow online dog training system including more than 250 videos. Everything you need to know about training ALL BREEDS is included in the program, guaranteed to make it easier for you to make your dog the perfect canine companion. You won’t have to spend more on gadgets and other tools, and the methods are gentle and dog-loving.

All the materials and videos included in the course are presented to ensure that even the most inexperienced dog owners can benefit from the program. Once you familiarize yourself with the “5 Golden Rules” and become the “leader of the pack”, you can customize your choices according to what you need from the training course. The Online Dog Trainer course is suitable for all dog owners and ALL breeds.

Every single dog behavior problem is covered in the course, with observations on the root cause of the problems, how the issues can be resolved, why the solution presented is the best solution and, of course, videos of real life consultations where you can see all the action being demonstrated.

Top that off with the endorsement from the Royal New Zealand Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals, and hundreds of happy clients from all over the world.

You can confidently give the training course a shot with “The Online Dog Trainer” 3-Day Trial Membership for only $1, plus the money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. How can you ever go wrong with this?